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Frequent Questions

10 Most Frequent Questions about Records
Do you know what a record is and what your records responsibilities are as an Agency employee?

Frequent Questions about...

Calendars and Records
Is your calendar an Agency record? This will help you determine what you need to keep and for how long.
Cleanup Days and Records
So your office is having a cleanup day, and you're required to participate. Here's what you need to do with your records.
Electronic Information Systems and Records
Is your database a record, and is it covered by a records schedule? This will explain your recordkeeping responsibilities for databases and other electronic information systems.
E-Mail and Records
Most of your communication is done via e-mail. Do you know how to determine whether your e-mail is a record and, if so, how to manage it?
Geospatial Data and Records
You work with maps, aerial photographs, and geographic information systems in conducting Agency business. Are you meeting your records responsibilities?
Personal Digital Assistants (PDAs) and Records
Do you have a PDA? You need to make sure that any Agency records on it are captured elsewhere.
Personal Papers
You can't help but have some personal documents at work. Here's what you need to do with them.
Recordkeeping Systems
Do you need to organize your records? A recordkeeping system is an essential tool.
Records Schedules
You've heard you need to figure out what schedule applies to your records, but you don't know how? This will help you understand the process.
Retiring Records
Too much paper? Retire your records to off-site storage.
Transferring Records
Do you know what to do with "permanent" records?
Verbal Communications and Records
Are you documenting every meeting, conversation or voicemail where a decision is made?
Web Sites and Records
Do you know what, if anything, related to your Web site is a record? And if it is a record, do you know how to manage it?
Working Files
Your work is in progress. Did you know that it still might be a record?

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