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FAA Retention Schedules

FAA Retention Schedules
Title Disposal Authority Record Series
FAA's Audio Visual Records (PDF)N1-237-95-61740
Office of Commercial Space Transportation (PDF)N1-237-96-19400
FAA Financial Records (Big Bucket) (PDF)N-1-237-09-023E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Civil Penalty Hearing Docket (PDF)N1-237-00-0012160
Aviation Medicine (PDF)N1-237-01-0029200
Substance Abuse Tracking System (PDF)N1-237-02-001WITHDRAWN
Suspected Unapproved Parts Program Office (PDF)N1-237-02-0028122
Aeronautical Navigation Data System (PDF)N1-237-02-0037910
Flight Inspection (PDF)N1-237-02-004WITHDRAWN
Air Traffic Evaluations and Investigation Staff (PDF)N1-237-02-0057230
Chief Counsel (PDF)N1-237-03-0012170
Flight Inspection Report Files (PDF)N1-237-03-0028200
National Aviation Safety Inspection Program Records (PDF)N1-237-04-0018090
Office of Cost and Performance Management (PDF)N1-237-04-002WITHDRAWN
Aircraft Registration and Recordation Files (PDF)N1-237-04-0038050
Crewmember Passport Records (PDF)N1-237-05-0018060
Accident / Incident Database System (AIDS) (PDF)N1-237-05-0028020
Aircraft Certification Service Records (PDF)N1-237-05-0032150, 8020, 8000, 8110, 8120, 8150
September 11, 2001 (9/11) Records (PDF)N1-237-05-0048020
Aerospace Medical Certification Files (PDF)N1-237-05-0058500
Registry Modernization System: Airman Certification Records (PDF)N1-237-06-0018060
Aviation and Space Education Records (PDF)N1-237-06-0021250
Aviation System Standards Agreement System (PDF)N1-237-09-0012500
Flight Operations Management System (FOMS) (PDF)N1-237-09-002E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Aircraft Maintenance Inventory Tracking System (PDF)N1-237-09-003E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Aircraft Fuel Reconciliation Records (PDF)N1-237-09-004E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Flight Inspection Report Processing System (FIRPS) (PDF)N1-237-09-005E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Office Reporting System (DOORS) (PDF)N1-237-09-006E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
ARC Application Catalog Database (PDF)N1-237-09-007E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
ISO 9000 Surveys (PDF)N1-237-09-008E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Logistics Center Inventory Control (PDF)N1-237-09-0094500
Real Estate Mangement System (REMS) (PDF)N1-237-09-0104660
Customer Service Center System (CSCS) (PDF)N1-237-09-011E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Contract Management Information System (PDF)N1-237-09-012E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Customer Service Call Management (CSCM) System (PDF)N1-237-09-0131200
Integrated Airman Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) (PDF)N1-237-09-0148000
Online Aviation Safety Inspection System (OASIS) (PDF)N1-237-09-015WITHDRAWN
Automated Distribution System (ADS) Report Files (PDF)N1-237-09-016E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Automated Reproduction System (ARS) Report Files (PDF)N1-237-09-017E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Flight Standards Training Needs Assessment (FSTNA) (PDF)N1-237-09-0188000
Flight Standard Information Management System (FSIMS) (PDF)N1-237-09-0198900
Certification Project Management Tool (PDF)N1-237-09-0208000
Vital Information System (VIS) and Program Tracking and Reporting System (PTRS) (PDF)N1-237-09-0218000
Voluntary Disclosure Reporting Program System (VDRP) (PDF)N1-237-09-0228090
Air Tour Management Plan (ATMP) Operator Database (PDF)N1-237-09-024E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Personal Property In-use Management System - Obsolete Database (PDF)N1-237-09-025E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Air Transportation Oversight System (ATOS) (PDF)N1-237-10-0018000
Compliance and Enforcement Tracking Subsystems (CETS) (PDF)N1-237-10-002E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Advanced Qualification Program Database (PDF)N1-237-10-0038090
Service Difficulty Reporting System (SDR) (PDF)N1-237-10-0048010
Quality Management System Information Technology Support (QMITS) (PDF)N1-237-10-005E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Automated Inventory Tracking System (AITS) (PDF)N1-237-10-006E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Compliance Activity Tracking System (CATS) (PDF)N1-237-10-007E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Certification and Compliance Management Information System (CCMIS) (PDF)N1-237-10-008E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Rulemaking Process Records N1-237-10-009 N1-237-10-09WITHDRAWN
Exemption Process RecordsN1-237-10-10WITHDRAWN
Flight Activity Crew Tracking System (FACTS) (PDF)N1-237-10-0118040
Engineering Drawings for National Airspace System (NAS) Building and Facilities Created or Maintained by Computer Aided Engineering Graphic System (CAEG) (PDF)N1-237-10-0126080
National Airspace System (NAS) Technical Evaluation - NASTEP INA Database 6040 (PDF)N1-237-10-0136040
Configuration Management (also known as WEBCM) (PDF)N1-237-10-014E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Real Estate Tracking System (RETS) (PDF)N1-237-10-015E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Flight Safety Investigations LogBook (PDF)N1-237-10-0168000
Lessons Learned From Transport Airplane (PDF)N1-237-10-0178020
Passenger Facility Charge (PFC) Program (PDF)N1-237-11-0015500
Federal Aviation Administation (FAA) - Aviation Activitity Branch - History of Loan Guarantee Program Files, General Correspondence and Case Files of Aircraft Loan Guarantee Program (PDF)N1-237-85-001E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Provisioning Files, Provisions Parts List (PDF)N1-237-86-0014600
Federal-Aid Airport Program - Airport Development Aid Program Records, Planning Grant Program (PDF)N1-237-86-0025100
Civilian Training Program - War Training Service, Civil Aeronautics Administration (PDF)N1-237-86-003E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
1310 Management Analysis and Survey Records, 1370 Data Processing Management and Statistical Records, Systems Files, ADP Documentation (PDF)N1-237-86-004WITHDRAWN
Inventory Control Records (PDF)N1-237-86-0054630
Unscheduled Photographic and Textual Records (PDF)N1-237-91-001E-SYSYEM — DATA Systems 6100
Litigation Action Files (PDF)N1-237-91-0022300
Airport Safety & Standards/Airport Certification (PDF)N1-237-91-0035280
Familiarization Travel Request (PDF)N1-237-92-0017230
Airman Records (PDF)N1-237-92-0028060
Violation Investigation and Reporting Records (PDF)N1-237-92-0038030
Enforcement Records (PDF)N1-237-92-0042150
Civil Aviation Security Records (PDF)N1-237-92-0051650
Federal Aviation Administration-Administrator's Hotline (PDF)N1-237-95-0011070
Federal Aviation Administration Slide Presentation (PDF)N1-237-95-0021070
Administrator's Hotline (PDF)N1-237-95-0031070
Labor Relations Records from the United States Department of Transportation (PDF)NC-0174-000102Admin
General Correspondence Files, General Accounting Office Report Files, General Accounting Office Follow-Up Files for the United States Department of Transportation (PDF)NC-174-000124Admin
Civil Rights General Files, Minority Employment Report Files, Civil Rights Plan Files, Discrimination Complaint Files, Civil Rights Compliance Review Files from the Department of Transportation (PDF)NC-174-0001471400
Property Acquisition, Management & Disposal Correspondence Files, Project Materials Correspondence Files, Real Property Sales Files, Personal Property Sales Files & Reports of Excess Real Property for the United States Department of Transportation (PDF)NC-174-0001634400
Administrative Policy and Planning Files, History Program Files, Organizational Planning Files, Committee Official Files, Committee Management Files, Committee Inventory Files, Management Correspondence Files, Management Project Files, Management Information Files, Management Improvement Report Files, Data Processing Report Files, Aviation Statistics Publication Files of the United States Department of Transportation (PDF)NC-174-000227Admin
Security Programs Correspondence Files (PDF)NC-237-75-0011600/1650
Service Difficulty Program Files (PDF)NC-237-75-0028010
Personnel Management Correspondence Files (PDF)NC-237-75-0033200/GRS
Comprehensive Air Traffic Service Files Relating to the Development and Evaluation of National Air Traffic Management Plans (PDF)NC-237-75-0047000
Air Carrier, Airport and Individual Violation Files (PDF)NC1-237-76-011650
Passenger Request Files (PDF)NC1-237-77-014040
Airport Project Plan and Case Files (PDF)NC1-237-77-025100
External Relations Records (PDF)NC1-237-77-031200
Federal Aviation Administration (PDF)NC1-237-77-045100
Civil Aviation Security Records (PDF)NC1-237-77-051650
Military Personnel Files (PDF)NC1-237-77-063250
Comprehensive Environmental Health Records (PDF)NC1-237-77-073910
Internal Flight Standards Evaluation Reports (PDF)NC1-237-78-011300
Dealers' Aircraft Registration Certificates Files (PDF)NC1-237-78-028050
Comprehensive Washington National Records Center Accession (PDF)NC1-237-78-03Admin
Airport State Case Files (PDF)NC1-237-78-045000
Legal Enforcement Files (PDF)NC1-237-78-052150
Records Contained in Boxes 1393- 1395 of Washington National Records Center (PDF)NC1-237-79-01Admin
Property Management Records (PDF)NC1-237-79-024600
Airport Allocation and Use Records (PDF)NC1-237-79-037400
Department of Transportation - Air Traffic Service - General Correspondence Files (1942-1960) (PDF)NC1-237-81-01Admin
Federal Aviation Administration - Headquarters, Regions, Centers - Time and Attendance Report Files, Original Records, and Microform of Original Records (PDF)NC1-237-81-022730
Agency Aircraft Operations Records (PDF)NC1-237-82-014040
Motor Vehicle Management Records and Mechanical Reliability Reports (MRR) System Data (PDF)NC1-237-83-014670
Transitory Photographics Files - Alaska Region - Photographs of Local Interest Only (1942-1972) (PDF)NC1-237-83-021740
Internal Evaluation Reports (PDF)NC1-237-83-031300
Loss and Theft Files (PDF)NC1-237-83-041600
Crewmember Passport Files, Crewmember Correspondence to the State Department (PDF)NC1-237-84-018060
Time and Attendance Report Files (PDF)NC1-237-84-022730
Acoustic and Audtiometric Files (PDF)NC1-237-84-033900
Occupational Health Survey Report (PDF)NC1-237-84-043900
Official Forms Numerical Files and Records Disposition Files from the Department of Transportation (PDF)NN-173-000137Admin
Foreign Participant Training Files and Foreign Assistance Country Files of the United States Department of Transportation (PDF)NN-173-0001491240
Maintenance Log Files from the United Department of Transportation: Federal Aviation Administration (PDF)NN-173-0001726030
Comprehensive Files from the Department of Transportation: Federal Aviation Administration (PDF)NN-173-0001745000
Comprehensive Labor-Management Relations Records of the Department of Transportation (PDF)NN-173-0001783710
Official Comprehensive Records for the Department of Transportation (PDF)NN-173-000195Admin
Official Forms Numerical Files from the United States Department of Transportation (PDF)NN-173-000307Admin

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