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Developing and Maintaining a Vital Records Program
Instructions on how to develop a plan for identifying and protecting vital information, conduct an analysis of threats and risks, select protection methods, and implement and maintain the records protection program.
File Plan Guide
An introduction to the Agency-wide file structure and Agency file codes, which are used to organize FAA records, and directions for implementing them in your program. A file plan lists the records in your office, and describes how they are organized and maintained.
Moving Your Records
Tools you need to plan and implement a successful move of your office records.
Procedures for Managing Agency Records
Detailed procedures for creating, maintaining, and disposing of Agency records, including electronic mail records.
Records Management Self-Evaluation Guide
A method for evaluating and monitoring your records management program.
Six Steps to Better Files
A 6-step approach to better files, with step-by-step instructions that program staff can follow.
Using the Federal Records Center
Detailed procedures for retiring records to, and retrieving records from the Federal Records Center.


Standard Form 115, Request for Records Disposition Authority
Used by Federal agencies to obtain disposition authority from the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). It is generally used for unscheduled records. (from the GSA Forms Library)
Standard Form 135, Records Transmittal and Receipt
Documents the physical transfer of records to the Federal Records Center. (from the GSA Forms Library)
Form: OF11 , Reference Request – Federal Records Centers
Used by Federal agencies to obtain reference service involving records they have stored in a Federal records center. (from the GSA Forms Library)

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