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What are your responsibilities?

Every person who works for the Agency is responsible for Federal records. Some people just spend more time at it than others, because they are in charge of a specific series of records (see What is a Records Series?).

If you create a document using a word processor, enter information into a database, file a document in a folder, answer an inquiry from the public, respond to a FOIA request, or do anything else that documents your activities for the FAA, you are a records custodian. You are responsible for ensuring the safety, timely availability, and proper retention and/or transfer of information in your custody. Specifically, all FAA employees are responsible for:

  • Creating and managing the records necessary to document the Agency's official activities and actions, including those records generated by FAA contractors and grantees, in accordance with FAA recordkeeping requirements.
  • Destroying records only in accordance with approved records schedules and never removing records from the FAA without authorization.
  • Filing records for safe storage and efficient retrieval and maintaining personal papers and nonrecord materials separately from official FAA records.

Other groups of FAA employees have additional records management responsibilities. For example, senior officials (e.g., Regional Administrators) are responsible for designating Records Management Officers and implementing a records management program within their area of responsibility.

A complete listing of responsibilities can be found in FAA Records Management Policy (1350.14A).

What You Should Know About Records Management

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