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Safety Assurance System (SAS) External Portal

The SAS External Portal is a free, secure, web-based application that allows current Certificate Holders and Applicants (CH/As) operating under 14 CFR Parts 121, 135, and 145 a means to communicate directly with local Flight Standards District Offices (FSDO) or Certificate Management Offices (CMO). The SAS External Portal will help facilitate timely and streamlined communication pertaining to configuration, certification, and operations between the FAA and CH/As.

SAS External Portal Homepage Screen Shot

Current Certificate Holders and prospective Applicants for 14 CFR Parts, 121, 135, and 145 can access the Safety Assurance System (SAS) External Portal to sign-up for and/or sign-in to the SAS External Portal. Access SAS External Portal training and the SAS External Portal Information Guide for more information. Both resources are available free of cost.

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