Safety Management System

Voluntary Implementation of SMS for Non-Part 121 Operators, MROs, and Training Organizations

SMS development for Non-121 Air Operators, MROs and Training Organizations can be furthered by using some core documents and tools. The list (and links) below highlight the base documents, as well as other helpful material and resources.

SMS includes the four Components and 12 Elements, with respective processes. The guidance material and tools highlight functional requirements, design expectations and performance objectives.

FAA Safety Management System (SMS) voluntary program (SMSVP)

The presentations are for internal FAA Inspectors and External Certificate Holders who are interested in becoming an applicant into the FAA Safety Management System (SMS) voluntary program (SMSVP).

  • SMS Voluntary Program Simple as 1 2 3

    The following video takes the viewer through the current SMS Voluntary Program process for the development and deployment of a State-Accepted SMS. Showing the streamlined approach to Safety Management System Development.

  • SMS for Small Service Provider

    The following video is a presentation of how the SMS processes can be carried out by a small operator. Brings the viewer through the SMS process without the use of automation. The video brings to light that most operations are already doing the actions required by the management system.

  • Practical Safety Risk Management

    The following video takes the viewer through a practical application of the SRM portion of a Safety Management System. Relating each step in the Safety Risk Management Process to the corresponding area in the scenario from which the data can be collected it shows how the SMS aids in decision-making activities related to safety in aviation. It is based on an actual operation from a corporate flight department.

Contact information for Operators, MROs, and Training Organizations

For additional questions and support, contact the Federal Aviation Administration, Office of Safety Standards, SMS Program Office:

Last updated: Monday, May 09, 2022