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Greater Chicago FSDO

Airmen Applications Impacted by COVID-19

CFI Renewals

For Flight Instructor Renewals (§61.197) Based On Duties and Responsibilities (Captain, Check Airman, Chief Instructor, etc.) contact your Principal Operations Inspector, or for a 121 Air Carrier, the FAA Certificate Management Office having jurisdiction of your carrier.

For Flight Instructor Renewals based on an Online Flight Instructor Renewal Course (FIRC) exercise the online Airman Certification Representative (ACR) function available at various training vendors or contact a Greater Chicago FSDO Designated Pilot Examiner (PDF).

Other Airman Inquiries

Contact your §121 Air Carrier’s Aircrew Program Designee (APD) or Principal Operations Inspector (as applicable), or a Greater Chicago FSDO Designated Pilot Examiner (link to DPE Authorizations PDF) for the following:

  • Supervised Operating Experience (SOE) restriction removals (§61.64)
  • Restricted ATP limitation removal (§61.167)

Contact a Greater Chicago FSDO Designated Pilot Examiner (PDF) for the following:

  • Military Competency (§61.73)
  • Flight Instructor Renewal Course (FIRC) Certificated Flight Instructor (CFI) Renewals (§61.197)
  • Second in Command (SIC) type rating applications (§61.55)
  • Student pilot certificates (§61.81)
  • Ground Instructor applications (§61.211)
  • Remote Pilot Certificates (§107.63)

*The availability of Greater Chicago FSDO Designated Pilot Examiner (PDF) might be effected by state and local COVID-19 Restrictions.

NOTE: The Integrated Airmen Certification and Rating Application (IACRA) must be utilized for the above services when available. A help manual is provided on the IACRA website.

For any other inquiries contact the Greater Chicago FSDO at (847) 294-8700 or send an email for assistance.

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