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Orlando FSDO

Certificated Flight Instructor Special Emphasis Program

The Flight Instructor Special Emphasis Program enhances flight instructor standardization within Orlando FSDO’s geographical area. The goal of the program is to drastically reduce or eliminate flight training accidents and incidents.

The FAA and a team of Designated Pilot Examiners (DPE) conduct increased surveillance of instructor activity within this district, to include reexamination of those airmen who fail to meet their instructional responsibilities. Every two weeks the team conducts vigorous investigation and discussion of accidents and incidents involving flight instructors.

In addition, all requests for initial flight instructor practical tests are assigned to this team. To ensure testing consistency among the team, they meet bi-weekly to review the previous two weeks’ activity and to discuss a standardization issue for that meeting.

The FAA also conducts increased surveillance of Part 141 pilot schools holding self-examining authority for initial flight instructor certification. Each Principal Operations Inspector that oversees these schools has reserved one day each week to monitor course completion tests.

Safety Program Support: CFI/Enhanced Safety Program Seminar

The Orlando FSDO Safety Program Managers have developed special activities to support and enhance the Flight Instructor Special Emphasis Program. Each month the Safety Program team, along with selected DPE guest speakers, conducts a CFI/Enhanced Safety Program seminar for instructors and flight or ground instructor candidates. These seminars are designed to help instructors better understand their responsibilities and to promote a cooperative partnership within the flight training community and with the FAA. The Safety Program also hosts a "CFI/ESP Road Show" that travels throughout the district several times a year to better serve those organizations that employ large numbers of flight instructors.

This program continues to receive high marks from the flight training community and is truly making a difference in aviation safety. We're working together today to make aviation safer tomorrow.

Register for a CFI/Enhanced Safety Program Seminar

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