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San Diego FSDO

Hazards to Flight

Carefully plan flights around Julian VORTAC, San Diego County.

During winter months, strong onshore flow following passage of cold front storms often result in severe downdrafts and turbulence within a 5 NM radius of the VOR. During summer months, strong easterly winds with dry, hot conditions known as “Santa Ana winds” can cause moderate to severe turbulence in and around mountain canyons and passes.

Pilot Cautions
Pilots should study:
  • Convective airmets
  • Convective sigmets
  • Turbulence reports
Flight Service Stations request PIREPS when you experience any of the above conditions.

Deep Coastal Fog
Expect instances of deep coastal fog obscuring visual flight operations during May, June, part of July, late October and November. These conditions are especially prevalent in June. Coast airports such as McClellan-Palomar, Montgomery Field, Oceanside Airport often have ceiling and visibility conditions well below ILS landing minimums.

Contact FSS to determine temperature-dew point spreads and forecast spreads before departing for the San Diego metropolitan area.

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