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Important Guidance for Air Carriers and Crews about the Novel Coronavirus

The CDC and FAA are providing the following health guidance (PDF) for: U.S. and third country-based flight and cabin crewmembers upon arriving to the United States within 14 days of travel to, from, or within China; China-based flight and cabin crewmembers while in the U.S.; U.S. air carriers housing flight and cabin crews while in China; and U.S. air carriers supervising self-monitoring of flight and cabin crews who have had layovers in China.

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Inspector Handbooks and Flight Standards Bulletins have been incorporated into FAA Order 8900.1, Flight Standards Information Management System (FSIMS). Flight Standards Notices are available in the Publications section of FSIMS. Refer to FSIMS Cross Reference to locate the handbook documents in FSIMS.


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