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The Office of Audit and Evaluation receives complaints and disclosures through the FAA hotlines, from the Administrator's Office, by direct contact with an employee or manager, or as a result of referrals from GAO, OIG, or OSC. Upon receiving a referral, we conduct an initial review to assess whether a matter merits further investigation or whether it is a candidate for informal intervention. If we decide that the issue requires formal investigation, we may conduct that investigation internally, utilizing technical assistance from other offices, or we may delegate it another office within the Agency. If a matter is referred for investigation outside of our office, we closely monitor the findings to ensure that an investigation was conducted in a thorough and fair manner. We ask that delegated investigations are conducted by personnel not in the immediate geographic area of a disclosure's origination. We make every effort to ensure that investigations of all disclosures are free of conflict-of-interest or other biases. Our findings and recommendations are reported to the Administrator and to the appropriate organization's manager. Intervention services are also available to any employee or manager.

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