Whistleblower Disclosures and Protection for FAA Employees

The Office of Audit and Evaluation (AAE) receives and evaluates disclosures from current FAA employees concerning:

  • Actions relating to a possible violation of FAA's statute (49 U.S.C. subtitle VII) or an FAA regulation or order;
  • Acts or omissions that pose a high level of risk to aviation safety; and
  • Gross misconduct of agency employees involving a matter related to aviation safety.

All individuals are entitled to contact this office without fear of reprisal. Retaliation against individuals who do so is prohibited and will become a separate matter for investigation.

Confidentiality of Disclosures

Upon request, the contributor's identity will remain confidential unless consent is provided in writing.

To file an Internal Whistleblower disclosure:

  • Complete the FAA Hotline Web Form
    • This is the preferred method of reporting.
    • A reference number will be automatically provided.

Please note: In lieu of filing your disclosure with AAE, federal employees may choose to file a complaint with the U.S. Office of Special Counsel.

Last updated: Monday, November 22, 2021