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eFAST Open Season 5

Market Survey Responses, Deadline Clarification, OS Center FAQs, and more

Reminder to all vendors engaging in Open Season 5

Do not submit duplicate Mandatory RFI Market Survey responses

Vendors have been resubmitting Mandatory RFI Market Survey responses because they are still awaiting their credentials. Please do not submit duplicate Market Survey responses. Open Season Center credentials are being processed in the order that they were received. These credentials serve as your receipt. Thank you for your patience while we process the responses!

As a reminder, we also ask that vendors:

  1. Do not use generic email addresses (example,
  2. Provide separate email addresses if you are representing multiple companies (you cannot use the same email address for two companies). Not adhering to these directions results in processing delays.

November 30 is the deadline for Mandatory RFI Market Survey responses, not proposal submissions

The November 30, 2015 11:59 p.m. EST deadline is for the Mandatory RFI Market Survey response only. It is not the deadline for proposal submissions. The submission feature on the Open Season Center is not yet available.

Open Season Center FAQs

Once you receive your credentials and log into the OS Center, be sure to review the FAQs posted at the top of the page. It currently includes information on the Open Season process, password resets, and milestones.

Ignore Erroneous OS4 System Notification

Some vendors who participated in the previous Open Season (OS4) received a notification in error. The notification stated that you successfully submitted your proposal. Please disregard this notification.

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Clarification on Credentials/Access to the Open Season 5 Center

After you respond to the eFAST Mandatory RFI Market Survey, your access credentials to the Open Season (OS) Center will be created. OS proposals are to be submitted through the OS Center.

You will receive two communications from the eFAST Team:

  • An automated e-mail with a temporary password to access the eFAST Open Season Center site
  • An e-mail that describes how to access the site and the site's URL

Please wait to receive both communications before attempting to access the OS Center.

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2016 Draft SIR eFAST MOA Available for Review

Open Season 5 (OS5) allows new vendors to apply to become part of the eFAST acquisitions vehicle as eFAST Master Order Agreement (MOA) Holders, with the opportunity to bid on eFAST contracts. OS5 also provides current eFAST MOA Holders the means to update pricing, certifications, and functional areas. Current MOA Holders should note that the 2016 eFAST MOA replaces any earlier versions of the eFAST MOA.

MOA Holders and new vendors must respond to the Mandatory RFI Market Survey to participate in OS5

To participate in OS5 and submit proposals via the Open Season site at a later date, all new vendors and current MOA Holders must express their intention to enter the OS5 proposal submission process by responding to the Mandatory RFI Market Survey. Only the companies that complete and submit a compliant response to the Mandatory RFI Market Survey will receive OS5 participation information and access to the Open Season proposal submittal site. This includes current MOA Holders.

  • Vendors must complete and submit form by November 30, 2015 11:59 PM EST
  • Vendors must provide, in the form, three POCs for the OS5 process and site (login credentials will be sent to the addresses provided)

Please do not contact the eFAST Team for additional information at this time.

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Additional Information for Potential Participants

Information for former eFAST MOA Holders (with expired MOAs)

Vendors whose MOAs expired in 2014 are considered new vendors and will have to reapply for MOA Holder status during Open Season (see the 2016 Draft SIR).

Information for current MOA Holders with a BPA number starting with DTFAWA11A or DTFAWA12A

For OS5, only current MOA Holders with a BPA number starting with DTFAWA11A or DTFAWA12A will have options exercised. These 11A and 12A MOA Holders will be required to re-certify their business size statuses in 2019 and not at this time, as re-certifications are only required every fifth year.

Information all current MOA Holders

For OS5, current MOA Holders may choose whether or not to add new functional areas(FA) and how to calculate new prices. New ceiling prices may be submitted by proposing escalation factors to existing prices or by a complete price proposal. No existing ceiling prices may be increased. New FAs will require a technical proposal.

New vendors should obtain current Dun and Bradstreet reports early

Interested new vendors are highly encouraged to obtain Dun and Bradstreet (D&B) reports early for proposal submittals; lead times for reports can take up to six weeks to obtain. For prime contractors, eFAST requires submission of two D&B reports. Both D&B reports are considered current within one year of the release of the final SIR.

  • D&B Comprehensive Insight Plus Report
  • D&B Open Ratings (past performance) report (sub-contractors must also provide an Open Ratings report with a minimum score of 80, in accordance with the SIR)

The FAA POC for the Open Ratings receipt request is Melicent Nhan.

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