Information Systems Security

Program Overview

The FAA Information Systems Security (ISS) Program is a partnership between the Office of Information Systems Security (AIS) and each FAA Office with a focus on protecting FAA's information systems. The FAA ISS Program was established to provide information security for all FAA systems, networks, and data that support the operations of the agency and to implement and ensure compliance with the Federal Information Security Management Act (FISMA).

Program Initiatives

  • ISS Outreach Program: Coordinates FAA's ISS information sharing with international partners, academia, and other government entities.
  • ISS Awareness and Training Program: Ensures all FAA employees and contractors that access FAA information and information systems receive the proper ISS security training.
  • ISS Compliance Program: Ensures FAA's compliance with Federal, Departmental, and agency ISS policies, procedures, standards, and guidelines.
  • ISS Certification and Accreditation Program: Ensures all FAA information systems are properly certified and accredited.
  • Cyber Security Management Center: Is the cyber security service provider and incident response center for the Department of Transportation, the secretarial offices and affiliated Operating Administrations (OAs) and Bureaus.
  • ISS Policy and Standards Program: Develops FAA ISS related policies, standards, and requirements.
  • Logical Access and Authorization Control Services: Oversees the integration of HSPD-12 into the FAA's logical access services.