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Engineering Development Services Division

The Engineering Development Services Division (ANG-C3) provides world-class engineering and technical development services throughout all phases of the FAA's NextGen system acquisition process to ensure that future air transportation concepts and systems are effectively and efficiently integrated into the existing National Airspace System (NAS) and planned NextGen system evolution.

ANG-C3 provides technical expertise to identify and evaluate candidate technical solutions to support the evolution of the NAS Enterprise Architecture (EA). It supports the research, development, and assessment of mission and investment analysis and feasibility of NAS concepts and requirements through hands-on technical simulations, prototypes, demonstrations, studies, and analyses.

Personnel with expertise in airborne/avionics systems, navigation, surveillance, weather, and unmanned aircraft systems perform system engineering, research, and development activities for FAA's Air Traffic Organization and Aviation Safety. ANG-C3 conducts technical validation activities to assess the efficacy of technology alternatives, develop system requirements, develop and validate domestic and international standards, and assist in providing recommendations to support key decision points outlined in the EA infrastructure roadmaps. In support of these activities, ANG-C3 designs and develops prototypes and configures ground and airborne test beds to evaluate enabling NextGen technologies and applicable operational procedures.

ANG-C3 works in close partnership with the FAA project management offices and operating services, the military, industry, academia, foreign aviation authorities, and standards setting organizations, such as RTCA and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). In addition, ANG-C3 supports technology and operational test, analysis, and evaluation from service analysis through solution implementation.

ANG-C3 includes the Airborne, Navigation, Surveillance, Aviation Weather, and UAS Engineering branches.

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