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Human Factors Division

The Human Factors Division (ANG-C1) provides scientific and technical support for the civil aviation human factors research program and for human factors applications in acquisition, certification, regulation, and standards. This division manages human factors aviation research for Air Traffic Control (ATC) and Technical Operations programs and functions, as well as Flight Deck/Maintenance regulation and certification. ANG-C1 maintains the NAS Architecture Engineering Infrastructure Human System Integration (HIS) Roadmap and coordinates activities for the human factors "community of practice" across the FAA. ANG-C1 provides human factors support to research and engineering activities within the FAA as appropriate. This division develops and assures the implementation of human factors policies, regulations, programs and procedures that promote the safety and productivity of the National Airspace System (NAS). It also formulates and manages the aviation human factors research program and provides human factors support to acquisition and regulatory activities. The budget line items include:

  • Air Traffic / Technical Operations
  • Flight Deck Maintenance System Integration
  • NextGen Air-Ground Integration
  • Enterprise Air Traffic Control

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