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NAS Lifecycle Planning Division


The NAS Lifecycle Planning Division (ANG-C7) manages the planning, integration, implementation, tracking, and reporting of NextGen portfolios to achieve FAA's long-term vision for the National Airspace System (NAS).


NAS Lifecycle Planning Division manages and devises the plan for implementing NextGen capabilities through the following activities:

  • Leading and executing the development of the NAS Segment Implementation Plan (NSIP) annual update;
  • Orchestrating budget formulation and execution of NextGen Portfolio funding and ensuring alignment with Segment Plans;
  • Facilitating alignment between the FAA Budget planning, the NAS Enterprise Architecture, and the Future of the NAS objectives;
  • Evaluating and integrating FAA commitments identified by aviation stakeholders, including the NextGen Advisory Committee, to meet agency goals and activities;
  • Initiating and managing portfolios of research and development projects to mature concepts, and transition of these concepts to implementation to deliver NSIP operational improvements;
  • Establishing Project Level Agreements (PLAs) with various FAA program offices and performing organizations for NextGen pre-implementation activities;
  • Providing a conduit between NextGen and the operations community to ensure NextGen implementation efforts are harmonized with operations and stakeholder priorities and that risks are addressed collaboratively; and
  • Implementing portfolio performance metrics to support progress tracking and reporting (e.g., OMB-300 reporting).

All of these efforts are accomplished under the following four branches that comprise the NAS Lifecycle Planning Division:

  • ANG-C71 – Portfolio Operations
  • ANG-C72 – Communications & Integration
  • ANG-C73 – Navigation & Landing
  • ANG-C74 – Surveillance & Automation Branch

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