Technology Development and Prototyping Division

The Technology Development and Prototyping Division's (ANG-C5) mission includes the following: conducting Air Traffic System service analyses; prototyping, demonstration, and validation activities for new technologies; maturing technology and performing risk reduction for potential transition to implementation in the NAS; developing and validating requirements; providing recommendations to support key decision points outlined in the Enterprise Architecture roadmaps and supporting the development of domestic and international specifications and standards.

ANG-C5 manages a portfolio of new and emerging technology projects, including:

  • 4DT Live Flight Trials Demonstration
  • Air-Ground Trajectory Synchronization
  • Common Support Services Data (CSSD)
  • Information for a Collaborative Environment Step 2 (FF-ICE/2) Demonstration
  • Flight Deck Collaborative Decision Making (FD CDM)
  • Separation Automation System Engineering (SASE)
  • Advanced Methods
  • Dynamic Airspace
  • Performance-Based Navigation (PBN) Initiatives

ANG-C5 plans to expand as NextGen development moves forward.

These efforts will be accomplished by the branches of ANG-C5: