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Technology Development and Prototyping Division

The Technology Development and Prototyping Division (ANG-C5) expedites the delivery of new technologies and operational concepts required to meet the NextGen vision by conducting air traffic system service analysis; prototyping and validating new technology projects; demonstrating emerging technology through flight trials and operational validation, and other demonstration activities.

ANG-C5 manages a portfolio of new and emerging technology projects, including:

  • Airborne Access to System Wide Informational Management
  • Atlantic Interoperability Initiative to Reduce Emissions
  • Optimization of Airspace and Procedures in the Metroplex
  • Terminal Sequencing and Spacing

ANG-C5 plans to expand as NextGen development moves forward. Current branches include:

  • Technology Evaluations
  • Surface/Terminal Prototyping
  • EnRoute/Oceanic Prototyping

These efforts will be accomplished by the branches of ANG-C5:

  • ANG-C51: Navigation Branch
  • ANG-C52: Surveillance Branch
  • ANG-C53: Communications Branch
  • ANG-C54: Advanced Concepts Branch
  • ANG-C55: Modeling and Simulation Branch

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