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Our Approach

Customer Engagement encompasses a variety of advisory and analysis services the SE2020/2025 portfolio offers its Customers. These services are specifically formulated to assist Customer efforts to develop and maintain high-quality, complete, and actionable TOs and ensure the SE2020/2025 vehicle is the best fit for your requirements.

For more information on Customer Engagement, please click here.

The SE2020/2025 portfolio incorporated Performance Based Contract Management (PBCM) principles in all new Task Orders starting in July 2012. PBCM is an accepted contracting approach emphasizing outcomes, products and expected quality results rather than detailed work specifications. PBCM allows increased flexibility for contractor innovation in achieving stated outcomes.

For more information on Performance Based Contract Management, please click here.

SE2020/2025 TOs can be awarded via a variety of methods:

  1. Competition
  2. Direct award (i.e., non-competitively)
  3. Sole-source (resulting from some unique vendor capability critical to the TO's requirements)

For more information on SE2020/2025's Flexible Task Order Award Approach, please click here.

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