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Enterprise Services Test and Evaluation Division

Mike Greco


Michael Greco

(609) 485-6694

Administrative Contact

Nancy Gosner

(609) 485-5868

Mission Statement

The mission of the Air Transportation Systems Evaluation Division is to provide unbiased and independent, technically and operationally sound, aviation-related evaluations, analyses, data & services.

Description of Work

Conduct analyses and evaluations from comprehensive air transportation system, local airport, airspace and user perspectives.

Characterize performance of current system and effects of proposed Next Generation Air Transportation System changes on pilots, controllers, aircraft and related system components.

Contribute to national and international

  • Viable strategic plans
  • Informed investment decisions
  • Implementation of revised standards
  • Beneficial system changes

Project areas include:

  • Separation Standards Analysis
  • Operation of RVSM Regional Monitoring Agencies
  • Participation in ICAO panels and working groups
  • ILS and VOR Signal-in-Space Math Modeling
  • Operational Data Collection for Flight Standards
  • Test and Evaluation of Air-to-Ground Communications Systems, System Wide Information Management and NextGen Data Communications projects.


Enterprise Services Test and Evaluation Division Branches
Branch Branch Manager Phone
Separation Standards Analysis Branch John Warburton (609) 485-6603
System Communications and Information Branch Stephen Malitsky (609) 485-5385
Navigation System Performance Branch Dave Lamb (609) 485-6735
ATC Voice Communications Branch Thomas Culp (609) 485-4396
Network Communications Branch Radame Martinez (609) 485-5618
Navigation Sys Verif. & Monitoring Branch William Wanner (609) 485-5514
Aeronautical & Weather Services Verification Branch Eric Hoover (609) 485-6534

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