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Laboratory Services Division

Sheila F. Smallwood

Sheila F. Smallwood
(609) 485-4126

Administrative Contact
(609) 485-5016

Mission Statement

To provide a set of world class laboratories for research, engineering development, test, evaluation, and maintenance of air navigation, air traffic management, and future transportation system capabilities.

Description of Work

The national airspace system (NAS) Laboratories, located at the William J. Hughes Technical Center, are the focal point of the FAA's efforts to revamp NAS to meet the needs of users now and through the coming millennium. The activities in the NAS Laboratories support the research, development, testing, and acquisition of products that are intended to ensure a seamless transition of safety and efficiency throughout the NAS modernization effort.

The Center's Laboratory Services Division, which manages the activities of the NAS Laboratories, supports the laboratories in a number of ways, including configuration management, test bed maintenance and enhancement, laboratory scheduling, computer operations, documentation library services, and systems engineering. The Division also provides a variety of other technical and engineering services for laboratory customers in support of research and development system installations and proof-of-concept testing.

The Laboratory Services Division is certified to the ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System.


Branch Branch Manager Phone
Lab Portfolio Management Deborah DiStefano (609) 485-4546
Lab Engineering Vince Lasewicz (609) 485-6326
Lab Technical Services Beverly Hite (609) 485-4925
Concepts & Systems Integration Hilda DiMeo (609) 485-6843
Lab Maintenance Sharon Campanella (609) 485-6841
Simulation Albert Rehman (609) 485-5733
Flight Program Armando Gaetano (609) 485-5895
Tower/Tracon Modeling & Simulation Anthony Rodriguez (609) 485-5396

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