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Florida NextGen Test Bed

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Florida NextGen Test Bed
Fact Sheet (PDF)

The Florida NextGen Test Bed (FTB) is a NextGen research and demonstration facility at the Florida's Embry Riddle Aeronautical University near the Daytona Beach International Airport (DAB). The FTB provides a platform for new NextGen demonstrations to be efficiently conducted at an early stage while avoiding adverse impacts on the National Airspace System (NAS). This reduces risk by enabling the FAA to evaluate the viability of these new technologies and concepts. More notably, our agency can use these evaluations to inform our decisions on further investments and potential implementation in operations.

The FTB strives to act as a forum to help foster NextGen partnerships with industry, academia, and government by providing a facility for the integration and demonstration of new functions. It is governed by the FAA and used by NextGen stakeholders within industry, academia, and government. The FTB provides an integrated NAS based platform for NextGen by leveraging NAS systems augmented by prototype functionality. The FTB is envisioned to house a microcosm of the NAS, demonstrating prototype NextGen capabilities that are aligned with planned functionality as depicted by the NAS Enterprise Architecture and Infrastructure Roadmaps. The FTB can be used to evaluate concepts, operational research, capabilities, and technologies prior to these being funded, implemented, or fielded at a NAS facility. It provides an open platform to help evaluate and examine the feasibility of new technologies.

Partnerships with industry are vital to the mission of the FTB, where industry and academia have the opportunity to work in collaboration with the FAA to help advance NextGen technologies. The FTB has established strong relationships with a number of aviation industry members to form a unique environment that allows open access for industry users and vendors to work in a joint effort with the FAA. This unique approach promotes innovation from industry, encourages in-kind contributions and Research and Development investment, and leverages industry's capabilities to provide cost savings to the FAA and help advance NextGen development.

Contact Information

FTB Staff:
Name Position Phone
Patrick Kelly CSI Branch Manager 609-485-7202
Daniel Fumosa Section Manager 609-485-8914
Nick Marzelli FTB Lead 609-485-5633
Claudette Princz Secretary 609-485-7363

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