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Flight Program

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Flight Program
The FAA's Research and Development (R&D) Flight Program is located at the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center, Atlantic City International Airport (ACY), New Jersey. The R&D Flight Program serves many customers throughout the FAA and encompasses aircraft operations, aircraft maintenance, aircraft engineering and modifications, and an aircraft tracking range.

The program currently operates, maintains, and modifies six aircraft of five different types as airborne R&D laboratories. The aircraft are certificated under Federal Aviation Regulation (FAR) Part 91,with a full deviation from Part 125 for the larger aircraft. These flying laboratories are equipped, or can be readily modified in- house to support any and all FAA projects requiring flight test.

When required by specific R&D projects, the Flight Program may also utilize rental and loaned aircraft. As an adjunct to the aircraft, the R&D Flight Program also operates and maintains a sophisticated aircraft tracking range. This range, which includes both laser and radar tracking systems, provides verification of aircraft "truth-in-space" location and track.

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