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Lab Maintenance

The Laboratory Maintenance Team plans, manages, directs and coordinates the technical, electronic, and electrical tasks necessary for the multi-use laboratories and the NAS facilities at the Technical Center. It also performs systems maintenance, and NAS laboratory enhancement in support of new NAS and R&D systems, installation, development and testing.

1) Performs installation, modification, technical operation and maintenance of test bed projects. Services facilities and experimental equipment and systems within the NAS facilities assigned to the group.

2) Schedules and performs hardware checkout, system checkout, and restoration using diagnostic and operational software in conjunction with digital computers.

3) Provides technical coordination and status reporting for timely operation of all NAS facilities, services and systems involved in supporting utilization of NAS system support automation and lab facilities.

4) Provides technical expertise to support special user requirements.

5) Maintains a current lab equipment list reflecting those NAS configuration decisions and electronic equipment modifications incorporated into the equipment.

6) Provides expertise in problem definition and/or resolution for hardware and software conflicts.

7) Serves as the focal point between data processing operations and user organizations relative to immediate hardware and operational software system malfunctions. Provides the system analysis required to expedite corrective actions.

8) Manages the computer program versions available for floor use. Advises users of program levels available and maintains status accounts of program versions released by production elements for laboratory use.

9) Establishes and modifies the Center's multi-user laboratories and facilities for the purpose of supporting research, development, experimentation, evaluation testing, and field operational system support production, maintenance, evaluation and testing.

10) Demonstrates the technical and operational capabilities of the Center's laboratory systems, equipment, and procedures to other concerned FAA organizations, other agencies, and private user organizations.

11) Serves as the COTR for hardware and software development and modification and system support services.

12) Establishes and maintains hardware configuration control procedures to ensure that only authorized modifications are performed and that the current configuration of the equipment is documented.

Standard Terminal Automation Replacement System (STARS)

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Sharon Campanella Group Manager 609-485-6841
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