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Laboratory Operations & Scheduling Team

The Lab Operations & Scheduling Team provides configuration and data management services, software development, maintenance and enhancements to the NAS operational support and engineering computer systems. The Team provides computer operation, laboratory scheduling, utilization reporting and tape management services to laboratories, support facilities, and services required by all Center divisions, contractors, and field support elements requiring use of the Group’s NAS facilities. The Team manages, directs and coordinates overall laboratory management activities for the Center and adheres to quality systems, e.g., Configuration Management (CM), Integrated Capability Maturity Model (ICMM) and ISO 9001.

  1. Overall Functions
    • Serves as the Contracting Officer Representative (COTR) for operational and software development and modification and system support services.
    • Provides expert advisory services and agency representation at national and international conferences and meetings with members of other governments, government agencies and the private industry.
    • Represents the organization at technical and professional conferences and user groups within the user community.

  2. Configuration Management
    • Provides configuration management and advanced transition planning for the efficient use of The Center's laboratory space.
    • Prepares and coordinates program support requests in the establishment or modification of environmental requirements concerning the laboratories.
    • Plans and conducts site surveys and serves as the technical on-site representative for all new developmental NAS systems being delivered to the Center’s laboratories

  3. Space Management
    • Performs space management allocation ensuring efficient use of laboratory facilities to meet the FAA's Mission and accommodate user community requirements.
    • Executes agreements with project customers to define space requirements, usage and duration; ensuring lab space is used for authorized FAA work.
    • Performs space inspection to ensure conformance to previous agreements.
    • Works with laboratory engineers to develop solutions to maximize space utilization.

  4. Operations
    • Operates all computers connected with NAS EnRoute, Terminal and Oceanic systems and all peripheral equipment associated with these laboratories, as required.
    • Operates all organizational computers used for technical applications including assigned special purpose computers.
    • Assists in the resolution of failures and malfunctions associated with the operation of software programs in the library.
    • Interfaces with users on normal daily computer operations and library matters.
    • Operates and maintains multimedia data libraries and also provides the biographical data and cross-reference listings necessary for efficient library operation.

  5. Lab Scheduling and Support
    • Coordinates the scheduling of NAS facilities for users outside the group.
    • Provides expertise to adjust schedules and workloads for optimum workflow.
    • Analyzes facility requests to ensure that support requirements can be met.
    • Provides analysis of utilization to ensure that use versus capacity of the computer systems remains within pre-defined parameters.
    • Prepares, issues and updates weekly utilization schedule for the labs, supporting elements and systems. The schedule indicates user assignments, maintenance and configurations. Serves as a focal point for collection of facility utilization data.
Group Staff
Deborah DiStefano Acting Group Manager 609-485-4546

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