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Laboratory Portfolio Management


Our mission is to provide centralized services and standardization for the FAA William J. Hughes Technical Center's (WJHTC) National Airspace System (NAS) Laboratories.


The function of Laboratory Portfolio Management is to provide centralized and standardized management services for the WJHTC's NAS Laboratories. These responsibilities include laboratory space management, laboratory scheduling, laboratory security, and overall laboratory portfolio/program/project management.

In addition to these responsibilities, the Laboratory Portfolio Management team:

  • Ensures consistency in how information is collected and reported
  • Collects and reports performance metrics
  • Provides support for data-driven decision-making
  • Develops, utilizes, enhances, and maintains software applications and databases, along with the associated network/servers, to accomplish its mission
  • Supports FAA and Department of Transportation student internship programs by serving as designated Program Manager or Point of Contact (POC)
  • Assists in Aviation Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics (AvSTEM) outreach efforts Supports and adheres to the Division's quality management system, which is certified to the International Organization for Standardization 9001 quality standard

Major Functional Areas and Services:

  1. Portfolio/Program/Project Management
    • Budget Formulation & Execution
    • Financial Management
    • Funding & Service Agreement Development
    • Business Planning & Reporting
    • Contracts Management
    • Staffing Planning & Actions
    • Briefing/Presentation Development
  2. Laboratory Space Management
    • Laboratory Space Planning
    • Laboratory Space Request Evaluation & Disposition
    • Laboratory Conceptualization, Layout, & Design
  3. Laboratory Scheduling & Security
    • Laboratory Facilities/Systems Scheduling & Coordination
    • Laboratory Utilization Metrics Reporting
    • Laboratory Access Control
  4. Software Application Development
    • Enterprise Software Application Development & Maintenance
      • Budget Management System
      • Facilities Automation Network
      • Work Management System
      • Data Consolidation Project Portal & Administration
      • Database Management
  5. Student Programs (Internship Programs)
    • Program Management Services for Internship Programs
      • Staff Office Program Manager for Pathways Internship Program (College & High School)
      • Directorate POC for Minority Servicing Institutions Internship Program
      • Directorate POC for Summer Transportation Internship Program for Diverse Groups
      • AvSTEM Council Representation & Outreach

Contact Information

Name Position Phone
Theodore Phillips Manager (609) 485-5296
Estrella Figueroa Secretary (609) 485-6713
Giovanni Alcantara Laboratory Scheduling & Security Team Lead (609) 485-6765
Camillo Caprio Laboratory Space Management Team Lead (609) 485-5847
Carla Hill Program Manager – Student Programs (609) 485-6831
Purvi Sharma Program/Project Management Team Lead (609) 485-7311

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