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Laboratory Technical Services

To provide professional, high quality software engineering, systems integration, network solutions, problem resolution, and disaster recovery services for the mission-critical National Airspace System (NAS), the Air Traffic Organization (ATO), and Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) customers enterprise-wide.

  1. CSSD
    • Provides first and second level technical support and enhancements for ARTCC, and OFDPS Host commercial software systems.
    • 24 x 7 central support of NAS problem tracking and national patch database and the NAS configuration management database.
    • Data Management of NAS operational and support code and source software.
    • Enables NAS development function provided through the design, implementation and maintenance of utilities used for the packaging and distribution of NAS systems and patches and through the use of Virtual Machine test beds.
    • Host communication networking function via RSCS and TCPIP to provide ARTCC, and OFDPS with remote session, central documentation and print functions.

  2. IBM/Lotus Domino Server
    • Hosts and supports the Document Manager application used for ISO 9001:2008 certification. (International Standard for Quality Assurance)
    • Develops and hosts the application used for customer feedback.
    • Develops and hosts Domino applications as per customers requirements, such as Access Key Credentialing System (AKCS), Corrective and Preventative Action Request system (CPAR) and Project Request application

  3. Technical Computer Data Center (TCDC)
    • Installs and maintains operating systems and provides software maintenance for operating systems and subsystems supported in the field.
    • Develops, tests and evaluates new equipment systems, processes, techniques and procedures.
    • Provides for centralized system design, evaluation, testing, implementation, and documentation of computer systems and software applications supported.
    • Conducts system analysis, design, and modification for enhancement of computer systems supported.
    • Provides system performance monitoring and measurements to ensure maximum utilization of resources and provides recommendations for determining system enhancements and/or new procedures.
    • Designs, develops, and maintains teleprocessing network communications interfaces, operating system techniques, and software programs for efficient use of computer systems supported.
    • Provides system analysis support relative to customer identified and reported problems and anomalies.
    • Provides computer resources for data reduction, analysis and conversion of technical projects supported.
    • Evaluates and acquires necessary computer hardware, software, software licensing needed to accomplish project tasks.
    • Provides computer system consultation to customers needing assistance in the performance of new and existing projects and tasks.

  4. WJHTC Laboratory Network (LabNet)
    • LabNet provides a high-performance, compartmentalized and secure, industry standard network infrastructure (LabNet) to facilitate the ever growing connectivity requirements for the WJHTC laboratories. In the future, this capability will also include providing a net-centric approach for the WJHTC NextGen/Research and Development (R&D) Laboratory Local Area Network/Metropolitan Area Network (LAN/MAN), to include extensibility to the co-located NextGen Aviation Research and Technology Park (ARTP). This R&D infrastructure will support and secure hundreds of NextGen partner laboratories and connections as part of a new FAA R&D network domain. Connectivity will be provided for partners located globally. Network expertise is provided by the LabNet team to include design, engineering, implementation, and maintainenance of these laboratory network environments as well as the LabNet Network Operations Center (NOC).
    • The LabNet equipment is access controlled in a locked facility with locked equipment racks. LabNet meets critical power requirements to ensure 24x7x365 service availability.
    • LabNet provides a centralized comprehensive security solution for all of the WJHTC Laboratories and is defined as the interface between the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) administrative networks and the laboratories. LabNet provides a security boundary between the WHJTC administrative Local Area Network (LAN) and the numerous WJHTC laboratories.
    • LabNet infrastructure provides a centrally located fiber backbone for user connectivity within the distributed WJHTC campus. The LabNet Network Operations Center (NOC) provides LabNet staff with full access, status, and management and control of LabNet network equipment. LabNet has centralized core services that compliment this environment to support its customers, including network node managers, domain name service, storage, and SYSLOG servers that are available for off-line storage for LabNet and customer utilization.
    • LabNet has numerous external interfaces to labs located on the WJHTC campus. The LabNet staff provides design, connectivity, integration, and maintenance service to its customer laboratories. LabNet provides its customers with secure connectivity for access to integrated internal and external research and development, simulation capabilities, Internet, project mail and to other laboratories.

Contact Information:
Beverly Hite Manager 609-485-4925
Bill Capo CSSD Lead 609-485-5636
Furman Whildin TCDC Lead 609-485-6337
Chris Malitsky LabNet 609-485-7921
Ken Schweiker Domino Lead 609-485-7478

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