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Simulation Team

The Simulation Team provides simulation support for controller-in-the-loop simulations for the express purpose of validating equipment, procedures and airspace design before implementation and acceptance in the air traffic field facilities. The branch provides laboratory capability for the conduct of Human Factors controller performance studies and for "controller/flight deck" interface studies.

Laboratory Facilities:

  • Target Generation Facility

    The Target Generation Facility (TGF) generates realistic digital radar messages for targets in a simulated airspace environment that can be adapted to mimic actual NAS and ARTS characteristics by including radar and environmental characteristics for a specific En Route or Terminal center.

  • Flight Deck Simulation Facility

    The Flight Deck Simulation Unit develops and tests new technologies, which enhance ATC Ground and Airborne flight information transfer and management.� This work includes the development and validation of domestic and international standards to ensure proper and expeditious deployment of these new technologies.� The work efforts of this unit focus on communicaiton protocols, standards, interoperability of systems, and human factors issues pertaining to the flight deck.

Contact Information
Group Manager: Scott Doucett
Address: Federal Aviation Administration
William J. Hughes Technical Center
Atlantic City International Airport, NJ 08405
Phone: (609) 485-5930
Fax: (609) 485-4578
Secretary: Deborah Burch, (609) 485-8702

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