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Technical Strategies and Integration Division

Acting Manager
Isidore Venetos
(609) 485-5207

Administrative Contact
Kimberly Fitzpatrick
(609) 485-4854

Mission Statement

The mission of the Technical Strategies and Integration Division is to facilitate and govern the integration, transition, and strategic management of the Center's technical products, services, and initiatives through collaborative work with FAA organizations and partnerships with other government agencies, academia, and industry.

Description of Work

The Technical Strategies and Integration Group operates under the auspices of the Director of the William J. Hughes Technical Center and is comprised of three branches. The Strategic Planning and Operations Branch conducts analyses and translates FAA goals and best engineering practices into the Technical Center's strategic and business plans and key test and evaluation process improvement initiatives.

The Verification and Validation Standards and Practices Branch, referred to as the V&V Branch, facilitates test and evaluation best practices at the Technical Center as well as a core V&V capability across the Acquisition Management System life cycle to support NextGen. A Test Standards Board, consisting of a chairperson and five to six test and evaluation subject-matter experts in the areas of automation, communication, navigation, and surveillance, reports to the V&V manager.

Lastly, the FAA Technical Partnerships and Information Exchange Branch transfers technology and information from the Federal Lab to other government organizations, academia, and industry through partnerships agreements, outreach activities, and the information center. This team manages the FAA's Technology Transfer program and also serves as the Technical Center's liaison for the Next Generation Aviation Research and Technology Park.

Branch Branch Manager Phone
Strategic Planning and Operations Branch Isidore Venetos (609) 485-5207
Verification and Validation Strategies and Practices Branch John Frederick (609) 485-5259
FAA Technical Partnerships and Information Exchange Branch John Hensyl (Acting) (609) 485-7140

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