ATOP Operational View
Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) is an Air Traffic Control system deployed in designated en route and oceanic airspace
Flight plan is filed before departure
ERAM sends an Active Flight Plan (FP) to ATOP utilizing NAS/Domestic protocol
ATOP builds a 4-dimensional flight profile
The aircraft logs on to ATOP as it approaches ATOP’s airspace boundary
ATOP establishes a CPDLC connection and ADS-C contract with the aircraft
ATOP and ERAM controllers perform verbal coordination
The 4D flight profile is protected to ensure there are no conflicts with other aircraft or airspace
Aircraft regularly reports information such as its position and wind speed
ATOP uses the latest reports to update the 4D protected profile. The weather model is updated each hour.
ATOP’s conflict probe is capable of predicting conflicts throughout the entire route of flight
Controller probes the system for a conflict free clearance and issues that clearance to the flight crew
The 4D protected profile is modified in accordance with the clearance
ATOP sends a Current Flight Plan (CPL) to downstream ANSP utilizing AIDC/International protocol
When the downstream controller accepts coordination, the Accept (ACP) message is sent back
The aircraft will pass through several other ANSPs in different Flight Information regions before reaching its destination
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