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Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures


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ATOP : Outbound Coordination

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Program Description

Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP)

The Advanced Technologies & Oceanic Procedures (ATOP) system is the most advanced mixed mode air traffic control (ATC) system in the world and is in full operation in the three Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Oceanic ATC facilities. The system has a fully integrated conflict probe, datalink communications, automatic processing of mixed mode position reporting and has introduced controllers to a concept of managing aircraft by exception. ATOP automates routine activities so that the controllers are able to focus on only the "out of the ordinary" activities, ATOP provides a very advanced platform to experiment and implement concepts for the future Next Generation Air Transportation System (NextGen).

Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities

  • Provides real-time aeronautical information
  • Increases flexibility in routing aircraft around congestion, weather and other airspace restrictions
  • Enables seamless information sharing and coordination between controllers and en route centers
Program Benefits


  • Increase capacity and improve efficiency in our skies
  • Improve automated navigation and conflict detection services
  • Reduce controllers' workloads and stress; increase collaboration, and seamless data sharing between centers
  • Increases flexible routing, and radar coverage which leads to smoother, faster, and more cost efficient flights for pilots

Map of Deployment

A map of the united stated that shows the location of this program