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Human Factors

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Human Factors

Program Description

Human Factors (HF)

The goal of Human Factors at the FAA is to maintain aviation safety and enhance efficiency. Human Factors researchers evaluate systems, concepts, and work environments for air traffic controllers, pilots, and system maintainers to ensure that all involved have the information and resources they need to keep the NAS operating safely.

Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities

  • Human-in-the-Loop Simulation:
  • Research Studies
    Scenario & simulator development
    Data collection tools & techniques
    Data analysis
  • User Interface (UI) Design & Evaluation:
  • Requirements elicitation Iterative rapid prototyping Heuristic evaluation Cognitive walkthrough Usability testing
  • Human Performance Measurement & Analysis:
  • Neuroergonomics
  • CAMI:
  • Human performance assessment Error Analysis & remediation Training analysis and career enhancement Impact of advanced automated systems Psychophysiological effects of workload and shiftwork Job training & job analysis
Program Benefits


  • Maintain aviation safety
  • Enhance system efficiency
  • Optimize human-system performance
  • Optimize user workload levels
  • Optimize user interface design