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Next Generation Air/Ground Communications Program


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NEXCOM : An Introduction

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Program Description

Next Generation Air/Ground Communications Program (NEXCOM)

The Next-Generation Air/Ground Communications (NEXCOM) Program provides sustainment support for Air/Ground (A/G) communications equipment used in radio communications between the Air Traffic Controllers and Pilots.

Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities

  • Segment 1 radios provide Air/Ground communications in the En Route environment
  • Segment 2 radios provide Air/Ground communications for terminal and flight service operations
  • Emergency transceivers provide communications equipment for Air Traffic Control Towers (ATCT), Terminal Radar Approach Controls (TRACON), and Alaska Flight Service Stations (FSS)
  • Technician transceivers provide two-way voice communications for ground maintenance and support
Program Benefits


  • Provide the communication infrastructure for all phases of flight
  • Provide Ground/Ground communications for servicing equipment on the airfield
  • Deliver continuous operation within all areas of the NAS