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Remote Monitoring and Logging System


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Program Description

Remote Monitoring and Logging System (RMLS)

Provides nationally supported Technical Operations maintenance monitoring and logging tools.

Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities

  • Enables Tech Ops personnel to remotely monitor and control most NAS equipment outside the TRACON and ARTCCs
  • Ability to react to changing situations, without sending field specialists to remote sites (e.g. starting Engine Generators proactively when approaching storm fronts may knock out commercial power to key navigation sites)
  • Logs all maintenance activities affecting NAS equipment
  • Provides NAS facilities performance data to Congress
Program Benefits


  • Centralized coordination of all NAS maintenance activities via OCCs and SOCs
  • Real-time monitoring and control of key equipment nationwide
  • Centralized databases provide data feeds of both Logging and RMM (Remote Maintenance Monitoring) data to many other NAS programs
  • SWIM compliant and receives Data Communications monitoring data

Map of Deployment

A map of the united stated that shows the location of this program