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System Wide Information Management


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Program Description

System Wide Information Management (SWIM)

The digital data-sharing backbone of NextGen with infrastructure that enables Air Traffic Management-related information sharing among diverse qualified systems.

Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities

  • SWIM Terminal Data distribution Systems (STDDS) convert raw surface data at Towers and send it to Terminal Radar Approach Control (TRACON) facility
  • STDDS will provide surface data to the Traffic Flow Management System which controllers use to balance traffic demands with capacity across the NAS
  • SWIM Flight Data Publication Service (SFDPS) will improve flight data sharing and ensure consistency of this data cross the NAS
Program Benefits


  • Increases and improves products from SFDPS
  • Increases security of NAS data flows with Identify and Access Management
  • Adds new data query functionality to the NAS
  • Enables efficient transition to global harmonization of information standards

Map of Deployment

A map of the united stated that shows the location of this program