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Terminal Flight Data Manager


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Program Description

Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM)

Terminal Flight Data Manager (TFDM) is a NextGen program that will distribute flight plan data and provide a range of decision-support data to controllers, traffic flow managers, and flight and airport operators. TFDM will help realize benefits on the airport surface, in the towers and terminals, and throughout the air by introducing integrated time-saving decision support tools, enhancing traffic flow management, enabling electronic data exchange, and by subsuming or replacing costly legacy systems.

Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities

  • Provides Electronic Flight Data exchange and Electronic Flight Strips in the tower
  • Provides Departure Scheduler metering with live data
  • Enhances real-time data exchange with stakeholders (TRACON, ATC Tower, ARTCC, Flight Operators)
  • Consolidates legacy systems
  • Traffic Flow Management feed of data into TBFM/TFMS to more efficiently perform overhead slot management
Program Benefits


  • Maximizes airport efficiency and reduces delays by providing ATC with optimized options for streamlining aircraft departure sequence, while accounting for aircraft arrivals and delays
  • Increases surface situational awareness, resulting in fewer delays and restrictions, fewer aircraft in the movement area and improved departure queue management
  • Improves schedule predictability, decreases taxi time/out fuel burn and improves crew utilization

Map of Deployment

A map of the united stated that shows the location of this program