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FAA Enterprise Network Services


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FENS: The Evolution of FAA Telecom

FAA Enterprise Network Services (FENS)

Program is intended to provide the communications services that the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requires between 2022 and 2035. FENS is expected to use the latest technologies in the telecommunication industry to provide highly available and secure communications services and networking capabilities to all domains in the FAA Enterprise

Key Capabilities

Key Capabilities

  • Delivers departures clearance services
  • Delivers en route digital communication services
Program Benefits


  • Maintain the high levels of availability, survivability, security, and performance that are required for NAS mission-critical applications
  • Provide dynamic service provisioning, reconfiguration and configuration management capabilities
  • Provide insight and visibility into network service configuration and operations
  • Evolve to future technologies that benefit both NAS and Administrative users
  • Manage transition and life cycle costs

Map of Deployment