Virtual V&V Summit 2020

The 15th Annual Verification and Validation Summit
Held Virtually September 23rd and 24th, 2020

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September 23rd, 2020

  • Welcome to V&V Summit – Opening Remarks
  • John Frederick

    FAA, Manager, V&V Strategies & Practices Branch, ANG-E5A

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  • William J. Hughes Technical Center - Opening Remarks
  • Jaime Figueroa

    FAA, Deputy Director, William J. Hughes Technical Center, ANG-E

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  • Embracing Resilience and Innovation to Power the Future
  • Mark DeNicuolo

    FAA, Deputy Vice President, Program Management Organization, AJM-0

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  • Video #1 : Learning to Lead Without Giving Up Control, James Whitehurst | watch video
  • Team Resiliency – How You Build It and Sustain It
  • Suzanne S. Styc, PMP

    FAA, Director, Management Services Office, NextGen (Acting), ANG-A

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  • Panel - Resilience Engineering from Inception to Action
  • George Emilio - Moderator

    Director, Aviation Research, Serco Inc.

    David Woods

    Professor, Integrated Systems Engineering Ohio State University

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    Christopher Nemeth, Ph.D

    Principal Scientist, Cognitive Solutions Group, Applied Research Associates, Inc

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    Erik Hollnagel

    Senior Professor of Patient Safety, University of Jönköping, Sweden

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  • Video #2 : How Duct Tape Saved the Lives of the Apollo 13 Crew, Smithsonian Channel | watch video


September 24th, 2020

  • Organizational Resilience in the FAA
  • Pamela D. Whitley

    FAA, Assistant Administrator for NextGen (Acting), ANG-1

  • Diversity of Thought: How Black Swans Help Build a Resilient Test Culture
  • Colonel Steven W. Speares

    Chief, Air Force Test and Evaluation Policy, Programs, and Resources Division, United States Air Force Headquarters, Pentagon

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  • Video #3 : Leaders should have Empathy and Perspective, Simon Sinek | watch video
  • V&V for Autonomous and ML Enabled Systems
  • Dionisio de Niz, Ph.D.

    Principal Researcher and Technical Director, Assuring Cyber-Physical Systems, Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University

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  • The Limitations of Risk Management
  • George Emilio

    Director, Aviation Research, Serco Inc.

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  • Building Organizational Toolkits for Resilience in Action
  • Jennafer Miller, PMP

    Principal of Community Engagement, Evans Consulting

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