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newCumulative system evaluation report of 10 commercical off-the-shelf angle-of-attack sensors and display system

newDevelopment of nexgen burner operations setting for fire testing of power plant components

newProbabilistic design for rotor integrity

newAn evaluation of MAT_224 for simulation of impact and failure part I : a scaling approach for modeling AMS 4911 titanium plates with different thicknesses and properties

newEvaluation of friction stir weld process and properties for aircraft applications

Performance assessment of the Vestas Intelilight™ X-band system as an aircraft detection lighting system (ADLS)

Performance assessment of the Detect™ Harrier® X-band aircraft detection lighting system (ADLS)

Round-robin exercise for tension testing of laminated composites at different strains/stroke rates

Pilots' estimation of altitude of a small unmanned aircraft system

Delamination/Disbond arrest features in aircraft composite structures

NASA Langley Research Center in fatigue of composites

Evaluation of Franklin Paint® structured methyl methacrylate marking at Laurence G. Hanscom Field and Manchester-Boston Regional Airport

Safety study of simultaneous independent closely spaced parallel operations with high update rate surveillance

Development of engineered materials arresting systems from 1994 through 2003

Effect of ice accretion on full-scale swept-wing aerodynamic performance and control effects

Probabilistic integrity and risk assessment of turbine engines

Characterization of smoke machines in testing aircraft smoke detectors