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United States Department of TransportationUnited States Department of Transportation

Best Equipped Best Served Public Meeting

Best Equipped-Best Served Meeting Information

Date: March 13, 2012
Time: 8:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.
Location: FAA Headquarters, 800 Independence Avenue, SW, Wash, DC 20591

Descriptions of Operational Scenarios for Discussion

  1. BE-BS 1A – 1D: RNP.3 w/RF tracking "Charted Visuals" and Airport Deconfliction
  2. BE-BS 2A – 2C: Paired Simultaneous Offset Instrument Approaches (SOIA) with paired Aircraft Approaches
  3. BE-BS 3: ADS-B East Coast Off-Shore routes (PDF)
  4. BE-BS 4: ADS-B In-Trail-Procedures/South Pacific and Beyond (PDF)
  5. BE-BS 5: NextGen Minimum Capability Priority (PDF)

Comments and Questions

FAA will accept clarifying questions about these proposals via email at Questions submitted in advance of the March 13 meeting will be addressed at the meeting, if possible.

In addition, comments specifically addressing these proposed operational scenarios will be accepted through March 20 and should be submitted to FAA is particularly interested in feedback on the following questions:

  1. Are there operational and/or technical risks or implications that you believe would make any of the proposed operational incentives not work as intended? If yes, please provide explicit details of the concern(s).
  2. For those operators with the required equipage (e.g. RNP 0.3) for any (or all) of these proposed operational scenarios, would you seek to use any/all of these proposed operational scenarios? Do you believe there are benefits associated with the scenarios?
  3. Would any of these proposed operational incentives (or the aggregate of them) motivate you to equip with NextGen equipage earlier than originally planned? Please elaborate about which scenario(s) you perceive to be most beneficial and influential to your equipage plans.
  4. Is there a combination of the proposed operational incentives being presented that you believe is critical to achieving the goals of incentivizing equipage? Would any incentive require implementing one or more of the other incentive options in order to be successful?


The FAA is conducting a public meeting to seek technical input on proposed operational incentive scenarios for possible implementation in the 2012-2014 timeframe. The Agency has been analyzing and developing operational incentives for several years with the purpose of implementing a best equipped, best performing, best served policy. Best equipped, best served (BE-BS) has also been widely discussed in various industry forums, including the recent recommendations that were made by the Future of Aviation Advisory Committee (FAAC) and NextGen Advisory Committee (NAC).

This meeting is focused on technical considerations; before implementation of any potential scenario the FAA would conduct the necessary reviews and opportunities for public notice and comment, as appropriate.

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