Global Issues Staff, Air Navigation Commissioner and Presidential Initiatives Team, are part of the Office of the Executive Director for International Affairs.

Global Issues Staff is based in Washington, DC and responsible for leading the development of international policies and procedures that provide information and direction to international stakeholders both inside and outside the Agency; managing the agency's activities with the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO); managing the International Visitor Program; providing executive secretariat services for the Interagency Group on International Aviation (IGIA); leading FAA Flight Plan and Business Plan activities for the office; and the development of FAA International Priorities; managing agency's efforts to secure funding for international aviation projects from U.S. Government and international donor organizations; and serving as the Secretariat for the Agency's Crisis Response Working Group (CRWG) on issues related to international aviation including the coordination of the FAA's position with other U.S. Government agencies.

Air Navigation Commissioner is based in Montreal, Canada and represents the U.S. at the ICAO Air Navigation Commission (ANC). The ICAO ANC is the principal body concerned with the development of all international air navigation and safety standards and procedures covering worldwide civil aviation. The U.S. Member to the ANC acts as an independent chief technical advisor addressing a broad spectrum of aviation related matters aimed at achieving worldwide standards, procedures, and organizational uniformity. This position provides essential services to the FAA by advocating technical aviation policies at ICAO that advance our safety, environmental and efficiency objectives, and ensuring continued U.S. leadership in aviation technology.

Presidential Initiatives Team is based in Washington, DC with several staff in international locations. It is responsible for leading technical assistance programs in countries designated of special interest by the Administration or the Department of Transportation, including Iraq and Afghanistan.