Diane CreanDiane Crean is the Deputy Regional Administrator for the FAA's Eastern Region. Ms. Crean provides leadership for FAA programs which cross organizational lines both within and outside the FAA. She works directly with various aviation stakeholders from local community interest groups, to airport authorities, to U.S. Senators and Congress.

Before joining the FAA in 1986, Ms. Crean held numerous positions in the aviation industry. She was a Gate Agent for U.S. Airways, a Flight Attendant for World Airways, and a travel agent. Ms. Crean also spent a few years as a college professor.

She began her career with the FAA as an Air Traffic Controller in Morgantown, West Virginia. Ms. Crean went on to become the Morgantown Airport Traffic Control Tower Manager and has since served in various other managerial positions in Washington Headquarters and the Eastern Region Headquarters.

Ms. Crean has received numerous awards throughout her career including a Special Citation from the Aircraft Owners and Pilot's Association for her contributions in reestablishing the air traffic system after September 11, 2001.

Ms. Crean holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business from Old Dominion University, and an Associates of Arts Degree from Virginia Intermont College. She resides in Long Island, New York.