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Technical Training

Training Services Support Division (TSSD)

The Training Services Support Division is a merger of two Academy divisions, the Operational Support and Training Support Division. This merger will allow the Academy to provide expanded customer support to both external and internal customers.

The Training Services Support Division will continue to support all the programs from the merged divisions:

  • Student services
  • Financial management
  • Personnel management
  • Space planning
  • Capital investment
  • Student training records
  • Centralized student travel planning
  • Distance Learning
  • Instructor Training and Evaluation products and services for the entire FAA

This office is the focal point for support of Academy specific programs. Everything from the Academy's strategic planning process to student housing quality; from producing the Academy Skywriter newsletter to Academy recognition awards, the Division provides these services and more. The Training Services Support Division provides instructor development and Distance Learning training. Distance Learning encompasses a mixed media delivery via satellite broadcasts, the Internet, correspondence study and computer based instruction. A cadre of instructors provides specialized classroom instruction and evaluation for Academy and field personnel. It is through this diverse method of training products and services, that the Federal Aviation Administration is able to save thousands of dollars in travel expenses. The Training Services Support Division host the FAA Distance Learning Resource Center (DLRC) for the Electronic Learning Management System (eLMS).

The Training Services Support Division prides itself on its customer-centered approach and the efficiencies the Division brings to the Academy. The Division continues to expand its range of training products and services to meet its customers´┐Ż needs.

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