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Technical Training

Technical Operations Training

The Technical Operations Training Division at the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Academy provides outstanding technical training to engineers, technicians, environmental specialists and programmers who improve and maintain the reliability of the National Airspace System (NAS). Whenever you fly, your safety is dependent on the equipment developed and maintained by those individuals trained at the Technical Operations Training Division in Oklahoma City.

With your flying safety in mind, the Technical Operations Training Division is implementing a training initiative that focuses on a new credentialing and proficiency process. This initiative supports FAA�s Concept of Operations (ConOps) principles, outlining best business practices for managing NAS resources, personnel, and programs.

Now, not only will a student undergo resident theory of operations training, they will also face Enhanced Hands-On Training (EHOT), as well as, a Demonstration of Proficiency (DoP) exam. EHOT incorporates knowledge and skills of equipment operation, work practices (e.g., use of maintenance handbooks, technical documentation, etc.), and troubleshooting techniques while DoP is the practical demonstration of their technical proficiency. These two additions further our goal of developing and presenting training that provide the technical workforce with the knowledge and skills needed to maintain, repair, and monitor NAS equipment and systems.

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