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Technical Training

Security & Hazardous Materials Training & Workforce Resources Staff

The Assistant Administrator for Security and Hazardous Materials (ASH) has its own training and employee development program staff. This staff is responsible for developing the professional competency of ASH employees through technical, management, and general training programs. One of the important goals of this program is to provide the best quality training for Security and Hazardous Materials personnel. This goal is met by a staff of specialized training program managers, who with the help of experienced field managers and agents, design, develop, evaluate, and deliver technical training. Senior field agents serve as associate staff instructors to provide instruction in their program areas.

ASH also promotes continuous opportunities for our current managers to continue to develop leadership competencies. Making Opportunities to Develop Employees for Leadership (MODEL) is a new competitive program for ASH non-managers that offers an 18 month developmental program in management skills.

In addition, ASH provides job function training to other FAA employees, federal, state and local officials, and for foreign jurisdictions sponsored by the Office of International Aviation. Although most job training is offered at the ASH training facility located at the FAA Academy, Mike Monroney Aeronautical Center, international training courses are offered in FAA regional locations and in-country. ASH refresher training is usually offered via distance learning or at a regional site.

The staff serves as the ASH liaison for all learning activities, technical training, knowledge sharing, and employee development.

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