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Regulatory Standards

The Regulatory Standards Division (AMA-200) trains Aviation Safety Inspectors, Engineers and Test Pilots to work together to set and maintain the highest standard of aircraft and flight safety in the world, and to help provide the public with the safest, most efficient aerospace system in the world.

The Division provides this safety training in the fields of flight procedures, avionics, aircraft and part design approval, aircraft and aircraft component certification and airworthiness, approval and oversight of aircraft and component manufacturers and repair stations, and air carrier and general aviation operations certification and oversight. We also train safety personnel on certification or appointment of airmen, and designees who act on behalf of FAA Aviation Safety Personnel, and on the oversight of each.

The Regulatory Standards Division, in collaboration with the Aircraft Certification Service (AIR), the Flight Standards Service (AFS), and the FAA Academy (AMA) is continually finding ways to improve the training process. With in-depth use of advanced automation capabilities and advanced training devices, a dynamic classroom environment, outstanding resident instructors (who perform periodic field activities to remain current) and the use of service-provided adjunct instructors, our students are provided a highly productive and advantageous learning experience.

The Division cultivates a communications environment promoting the interchange of ideas and solutions between the instructors and students during class. It also creates a linkage between students and instructors for consultation on an ongoing basis. This results in a collective pool of talent and experience that is very valuable and is continuously available to the individual in the field, long after they have completed their training at the Academy.

Division Manager: Brian L. Rochester

Assistant Division Manager: John T. Withner

Telephone: (405) 954-6950

Fax: (405) 954-6342

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