Our Mission

To promote aviation safety by providing technical training to FAA's Aircraft Certification Engineers, Flight Test Pilots, Manufacturing Inspectors and other personnel who are involved in the design, production and airworthiness certification approvals of civil aircraft and related articles.

The Aircraft Certification branch on average conducts 60 classes and trains over 900 students per year. Typically students are employees who work in various Aircraft Certification offices including headquarters policy offices, Aircraft Certification Offices (ACOs), Manufacturing Inspection District Offices, Safety Management Oversight offices, and also our industry and international partners.

Manager: Nathan Leonard

Telephone: (405) 954-4534

Fax: (405) 954-0288

Aircraft Certification Course Listing
Course Number Course Title Available to Industry & Designees
27936 Aircraft Certification Indoctrination Phase I X
22000046 Aircraft Certification Indoctrination Phase II  
21936 Aircraft Certification Indoctrination Phase III X
22100001 Airborne Electronic Hardware Job Functions (AEH) X
21415 Quality System Audit (QSA) X
22000001 Apollo Root Cause Analysis  
21021 Aviation Safety Engineer/Propulsion 14 CFR Training X
21018 Aviation Safety Engineer/Systems Job Functions X
21019 Aviation Safety Engineer/Airframe Job Functions X
21020 Aviation Safety Inspector Job Functions X
23005 Designee Management for AIR and AFS X
27903 FAR Part 21 Seminar X
22518 Nondestructive Inspection and Evaluation  
21016 Part 21 X
21030 Software Fundamentals X