• The April DRP has been updated.

    The April DRP has been updated.

    .  More »

  • DataComm Tower Trials

    DataComm Tower Trials

    Take a look at the Data Comm trials coming to EWR.  More »

  • Start Spreading The News

    Start Spreading The News

    JetBlue is the latest in the list of airlines to adopt NextGen procedures. At JFK, the airline has started allowing pilots to take a more efficient curved path into runways 13L and 13R.  More »

  • Airspace Redesign Expedites Philly Departures

    Airspace Redesign Expedites Philly Departures

    Thanks to collaborative efforts at several facilities in the Northeast and mid-Atlantic, planes are now able to leave PHL more efficiently.  More »

  • Surface Management at JFK

    Surface Management at JFK

    At busy airports across the country, arrival and departures coupled with efficient and safe movement on the airport surface is a crucial part of managing an on-time airport.  More »

What We Do

The New York Area Program Integration Office exists to make air travel more efficient and safer in this area. Our mission is to reduce air travel delays. To do that, we developed the New York Area Integrated Master Schedule and Delay Reduction Plan. This plan helps us coordinate many activities we call “delay reduction initiatives.”