This year's ASH SAVI training is now available. This training gives you an overview of security practices at all FAA sites and is required training for all FAA employees and contractors. You also have the option of taking a pretest, which significantly decreases the amount of time you spend re-familiarizing yourself with this important security material. Most people complete the course in about 30 minutes by taking the pretest, so take your SAVI training today.

Course Title and electronic Learning Management System (eLMS) ID: ASH SAVI FY14 Course, FAA30200201

Course Description: The ASH Security Awareness Virtual Initiative (SAVI) provides an overview of the security practices at all FAA sites and supplements site-specific training. FAA Order 1600.69 requires that all FAA employees and contractors receive site-specific annual refresher training from their local Facility Manager or Facility Security Coordinator, on the local security practices and procedures used to protect FAA facilities, assets, and information.

Target Audience: All FAA employees and contractors

Required Completion Date: The course must be completed by September 30, 2014, except for new hires who must complete the course within 90 days of assignment.

For employees and contractors (with FAA email addresses) with access to FAA's eLMS:

  • Go to and look in the "To-Do List" section for the ASH SAVI FY14 Course (eLMS ID FAA30200201). NOTE: Contractors with an FAA email address must access their FAA email account at least once a month through FAA webmail outside of the FAA firewall or their eLMS account will be deactivated.

For those without access to eLMS, choose from one of the following options:

  1. In Office: Contact your local Facility Computer Based Instruction (CBI) Administrator to schedule a time to take the 2014 ASH SAVI at your nearest training facility.
  2. Online: Go to This website will prompt you to enter a valid email address (i.e., .com, .gov, .mil, etc.) to receive a link to access the course. You will then need to provide some additional information (full name, LOB/SO, routing code, etc.) and create a login/password before taking the course. If you do not know this information, contact the person you work for within the FAA and they will provide you with the correct LOB/SO and routing code. After completing the course, you will have an option to have your certificate emailed to you. To get credit for the course, you must forward a copy of your completion certificate to the appropriate person within your organization (e.g., supervisor, contracting officer/ representative, learning/training coordinator).
  3. CD: Obtain a copy of the 2014 ASH SAVI (CD or "read and sign" version). Send requests to or call 1-888-584-8334 or (202) 493-5044. Requests must include:
    • Full Name of employees or contractors and their affiliation (i.e., contractor or federal), who will be viewing the course.
    • Line of Business/Staff Office and Routing Code (i.e., ASH/AIN-200) for each employee or contractor.
    • Complete shipping address (only required for CD requests).

To get credit for the course, you must forward a copy of your completion certificate to the appropriate person within your organization (e.g., supervisor, contracting officer/representative, learning/training coordinator).

Length: The full course is estimated to take 1 hour to complete or 30 minutes if the pretest is passed successfully.

Technical Support:

If you completed the course in eLMS, it should automatically record the completion in your completed work/learning history. If the completion does not record or if you experience any other technical problems with the course, contact the eLMS Help Desk by phone at (405) 954-4568 (from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m. Central Time, M-F) or by email at

If you need any assistance or have questions related to the course content, please contact email or by phone at (202) 267-9313.