The Commercial Space Transportation Advisory Committee (COMSTAC) addresses commercial launch industry issues through working groups. These groups provide information, reports, and recommendations to the full Committee for adoption. COMSTAC also establishes ad hoc working groups or special task groups as needed.

International Space Policy Working Group Description

The International Space Policy Working Group (ISPWG) monitors and analyzes domestic and foreign trends, regulations, and policies that impact the global commercial space industry. The ISPWG seeks to identify specific actions that can be taken by the FAA to allow the U.S. commercial space industry to prosper globally in a spirit of international cooperation.

Chair: Dr. Mark Sundahl
Associate Dean for Administration
Cleveland State University
Cleveland-Marshall College of Law

Business/Legal Working Group

The Business/Legal Working Group (BLWG) is responsible for issues concerning commercial space policy, regulations, market, and liability. In 2009, this working group provided recommendations to the FAA regarding the extension of commercial space launch indemnification in the Commercial Space Launch Act. During the first quarter of 2012, the working group responded to an FAA request for insight on the issues surrounding insuring NASA astronauts on commercial launches.

Chair: Mr. Christopher Kunstadter
Vice President
XL Insurance

Operations Working Group

The Operations Working Group (OWG) identifies key launch operations, support, and processing issues affecting U.S. commercial space competitiveness; supports accessibility of new commercial space ventures to launch sites and services; and investigates options for commercialization/privatization of launch services, support, and facilities. The OWG was formerly the Space Transportation Working Group (STOWG).

Chair: Janet C. Karika
Executive Director
Interagency Launch Programs

Systems Working Group

The Systems Working Group (SWG) identifies and analyzes key safety, technical, policy, and regulatory issues concerning the range of hardware and software involved with commercial space transportation. This will include both expendable launch vehicles and reusable launch vehicles.

Chair: Livingston Holder
Holder Aerospace